Shipston Wool Fair | Wool Production In New Jersey
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Wool Production In New Jersey

Wool Production In New Jersey

New Jersey has successfully managed to put itself on the global map with it’s rapidly increasing wool production. The number of sheep owned by the entire population of New Jersey, along with the super-efficient methods of production has boosted the Wool production in this country, simultaneously booming the economy along with the employment opportunities in New Jersey.

The wool producing community here is constantly on the move – first with getting done with the shearing of the sheep, processing the raw wool into yarn and then they’re off coloring, knitting, creating wonders with this freshly procured wool.

They even have quite a lot of fests, where all this wool and the products from wool are put up on display, and you’re free to buy them – you can not only meet the local sheep breeders but also buy local, organic and first-hand wool or woolen garments!

Most of the sheep are reared for wool only, as the quantity of milk obtained from these sheep isn’t good enough to be converted into milk products such as cheese. So wool and meat – that’s it!

However, even the sheep breeders her have a common worry – the modern breeds of sheep aren’t as resistant and strong as the original, unaltered breeds. The new, modern breed not only have weak resistance to parasites but also require aid when they give birth – all of which is an outcome of modified, altered genetic compositions.


The primary reason why breeding of sheep thrives in this country is because of the perennial requirement of meat here. But this has simultaneously given a boom to the wool production here. The population of sheep here a couple of years ago was around 15000, which is quite a considerable number to suffice a thriving wool production business, making New Jersey one of the top-ranked states in the United States when it comes to the production of wool.

And lately, the number of people taking up sheep rearing and wool production is just increasing by the day – it’s a unique industry – they say. And even though people shifted to artificially produced fabrics, currently, the emphasis is now back on the naturally produced fabrics, which gives the woolen industry another strong reason to keep producing the organic natural wool to keep going! It’s heartening to see this change – say the wool producers here – and we’re happy for them too!

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